How to deal with employee resistance?

Why do the employees resist the change management ? Is it because of the Lack of Awareness? or fear of replacement? 

Let's check how we can adopt change management in the right way.

1. Create change agents: 

The most effective way to take on employee resistance is to find a well-respected technocrat within your resource, who is well versed in the business processes and eager to adopt new technologies in order to de-burden the workload. That person should be accepted among his colleagues as a go-to person with matters concerning new technologies. He or she should be able to make others easily understand the latest technology in simple terms. In every organization, you will be able to find a person who is the pioneer in adopting new technology. That person would be your change agent who will guide opposing staff in adopting the change. Once your change agent becomes an expert user of ERP, he will facilitate the training of other users. 

2. Trial run: 

This is done in order to simulate real-life scenarios and the learnings from it can be used to improvise the implementation plans.  The trial run helps the implementation team to understand the potential flaws in the plan and rectify them. Also, a successful trial run will increase the confidence of the implementation team and calm the nerves of the stakeholders.

3. Employee involvement:

Involving the employees from all tiers will change any animosity from the side of the employees and will make a sense of ownership among them.

4. Address employees’ concerns:

It is not enough to involve the employee but also the implementation team should address their concerns and fears. Once they are on the same page with the management and implementation team on why such a change is required and the benefits for the company and the individual in terms of future benefits are understood, they will contribute to a successful ERP implementation.

5. Managing expectations:

This is the final and the most challenging factor in the implementation of ERP. Once you have employees who are favorable to the change, it is most important to make them understand the real changes that can be expected out of the successful ERP implementation. 

 Considering all this, we have crafted you an industry-specific ERP solution that matches your exact requirement. When you get the right software like Horizon EBS Solution, changing the existing processes isn’t as time-consuming or complicated as it looks.

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