Manage your Employee data with EMPLOYEE SELF SERVICE [ESS]

Employee Self Service (ESS) is an Integral Part of Horizon HRMS. A digital platform that allows the employees to log in and manages their personal information. Employee Self Service allows employees to apply/cancel/extend leaves, training requests, request for salary certificates, NOC, experience certificates, Loans, HR requests, etc. can be made from Mobile Phones/tabs or computers. 

Employees and Managers can access the ESS from anywhere, even when they are at home, and it lets the managers approve or reject leave requests, Timesheet approvals, and Employee Transfer from Mobile Phones thereby Paper-based approval system will be totally eliminated. The Supervisors can manage and update the daily timesheet for each employee based on the job which they are allocated which will make their life easy.

Employee Data and Document Management:

Employees can upload their documents on the ESS Portal which HR users can access. This makes it easy for HR Users to organize documents against each employee where employees can see their personal, service, contact, insurance, entitlements, reporting managers, passport and visa copies, and payroll history if they are permitted to view. 

Horizon ESS can control the rights of each employee/department, which all the employees can view, edit or delete. This will help in keeping the confidentiality of the information. 

Employee Entitlements: 

Track the entitlements provided to an employee like Laptop, vehicle, mobile phone, SIM card, etc., and mark which all need to be collected back during the time of exit. The Employee can see Memo, Holiday Announcements, Training Schedules, view payslips, and so on.

Leave allowance: 

The employee can check his own leaves taken, forecast leaves as per the entitlements, and request leave.


Our ESS Application will allow you to configure Multiple levels of approvals by using our extensive approval management.

Status of the requests:

Employees view the status of all their requests on their dashboard which will help them to understand how many of their requests are pending/Approved

Company policies: 

The Employee Self Service portal allows the publication of company Policy documents that can be accessed by the employees. This makes it easy to inform the company policy updates among employees.

Dashboard, Notifications, and Alerts:

Employee Self Service provides notifications and alerts for the documents such as Passport expiry, Driving License expiry, Shift Change, Birthday, Anniversary, Upcoming Holiday, and so on. A customizable dashboard where you can post 

company policy documents
Training schedules if any
Pending requests
Documents pending approval


Cloud Based HRMS with employee self-service applications can be accessed through your Android and IOS mobile phones or through the web portal from anywhere in the world.

When you get the best HRMS Software like HORIZON HRMS, changing the existing processes isn’t as time-consuming or complicated as it looks. The total ownership cost of modern solutions is also affordable as the return on investment is Complete Automation. 

If you need to know more about Horizon EBS, you can write to us at or ring us at +971 4 353 3727


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