Why you should choose a local ERP software provider in UAE?

The Significance of having a local ERP support

In this age of Information, it is very difficult to find a company not using any type of IT products or services, be it at any level. Let it be a website for a local cake shop or a sophisticated ERP system for a contracting company where there are multiple departments that are integrated using different functional modules like Finance, Operation, HR etc. 

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Especially in the case of ERP solutions, it is always advisable to have your vendor presence available locally i.e., in your city as it will always come in handy in situations like emergency technical support or routine maintenance. Even though the cloud-based solution is popular these days, companies can utilize those ERP vendors who can drop in at your office at a phone call.

On-site support

Since these days’ IT support is available remotely, most of the time while procuring new ERP solutions, the local support factor is ignored. There are many options available for the company when buying ERP software from around the world, that can give all features required for an ERP software with online
support. But what happens, in reality, is that time zone differences, miscommunication or gaps in your project outline may hamper getting the issues sorted. A local service provider will still function remotely, however, when an emergency problem arises they can send a person to the client's premises immediately. This means less time is wasted and the users can get on with their regular work. 

On-site training

An ERP company having a local presence with employees understanding the nuances of the ERP user behaviour will only be able to train the users in a better way. Some of the employees in the company may not be well versed in effectively using and utilising the features of ERP software. This can be a challenge in successfully implementing ERP software. Some of the users might not be comfortable taking online training sessions which may derail the ERP implementation itself. The presence of a team of experienced IT consultants can overcome this hurdle.

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Steadfast Loyalty

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Overseas companies will be working under different laws and obligations. Their working standards may vary, and their cultural differences however minute may prove critical during emergency situations. Whereas, a local ERP supplier work as per your country’s laws and regulations, so they understand the legal implications of the contractual terms. 

More importantly, they are answerable in case of any slip-up, which in turn increases the responsibility on part of the local ERP company to finish their work. In any case, you can arrange a face to face meeting to review the implementation progress or any other deliverables.

Best ERP software UAEFuture Requirements

You must always invest in an ERP solution by foreseeing your future requirements in terms of business expansion, increase in manpower and venturing into aligned businesses. In all the scenarios, a local ERP supplier’s support will be beneficial as they will be able to scale the capability of ERP as per your business expansion plans.

Added Advantages

Having a neighbourhood ERP provider fuses the benefits of utilizing an outsourced IT company and the benefits that an in-house IT team would provide. In the end, opting for a local ERP company eases the financial burdens and improves the product substantially. This is above and beyond the challenges and frustrations, the users will face in the case of an overseas ERP supplier over the time zones. 

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The cultural differences and understanding of user mentality is also vital factor. Nearness will matter as the ERP software is very much a service as much as it is a product, which requires constant communication during and after the software implementation. 

Your venture will flourish so will your community.

This is where the top ERP solution provider in UAE Frontline Information Technology can make a difference to you, wherein we are the trusted ERP partner of topline companies and groups of companies for more than a decade. With all this in consideration, we have crafted you an industry-specific ERP solution that matches your exact requirement.

When you get the right software like Horizon EBS Solution, changing the existing processes isn’t as time-consuming or complicated as it looks. The total ownership cost of modern solutions is also affordable as the return on investment is great – Complete Automation.

 If you need to know more about Horizon EBS, you can write to us at sales@fit.ae or ring us at +971 4 353 3727.


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