Digitalize your procurement with HORIZON eProcure solution

    Digital procurement solution - HORIZON eProcure 

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What is E-Procurement?

eProcurement is the process of buying and dealing goods and services over the internet. E-Procurement creates digital communication lines between buying associations and their suppliers. This will ease the process of requisitioning, ordering, and exchange of purchase documents in the business world.

Eliminate Manual Procurement Processes

No matter whether you are small or big If you’re still working on Papers and manual procurement processes, you’re likely facing several challenges –

High procurement costs,
Lack of compliance with negotiated contracts,
Limited visibility into spending
Delicate supplier relations.

HORIZON eProcure can help overcome these challenges by barring time-consuming and error-prone processes from procurement operations.

Digitalize your sourcing and procurement process with HORIZON eProcure software

Horizon eProcure is a procurement management system that takes care of the complete lifecycle of the procurement management process in an association, from sourcing the suppliers, managing material requisition, finalization of the seller, entering the delivery of goods and final payment.

Supplier and seller sourcing

Sourcing suppliers or sellers enables you to find, estimate and unite with them to achieve cost-saving and get good quality goods & services. With the Horizon eProcure, a procurement management system, you can bid the supplier or seller from your website to select the supplier and automate qualifying them with the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ).

Supplier Self-Service Portal

The best supplier or seller has the access to the portal to view requests, unite or communicate. The supplier can send quotations, purchase orders, submit checks and further with the web-based procurement system.

Supplier Relationship Management System

Detect the best supplier and ensure savings with a negotiation to the bottom line with a clear comparison. The purchase order history and their delivery details over a period help you to take better opinions on choosing the right supplier. Horizon eProcure system gives full visibility and organizes all applicable information together for better synchronization.
The web-based or cloud-based procurement solution helps to fetch the data from anywhere and accelerates procurement progress. The system improves seller management, simplifies material requisition and speeds up quotation approval with an automated approval process. The system can be configured as per the hierarchy.

Features of HORIZON eProcure

Why you should use E-Procure?

Centralized, all-in-one result

Manually procurement keeps the data scattered and managing purchases, in turn, becomes tedious. With the data consolidated, Horizon eProcure keeps order requests, Approvals, and status on the same page and helps everyone to look at the same thing to get a consolidated view.

Budget control and track

The important aspect of procurement operation is tracking and managing the available budget efficiently. Horizon eProcure links all the information, strengthen supplier commerce to speed up decision and choose cost-effectively. A holistic view of spending helps in prioritizing & deliver on time.

Supplier lifecycle operation

Supplier operation is the core functionality of the procurement system. Horizon eProcure will help in onboarding, managing and analyzing suppliers. The performance of suppliers can be measured at a regular frequency and estimated for a smooth business process.

More Insights and reports

Horizon eProcure supports in analysing the entire purchase history and gives a scope of actionable insights. The system will enable you to compose the appropriate and more reliable reports to facilitate conclusion making and improve future predictions.

Cloud-based eProcurement

The contemporary work environment has changed and businesses can no longer depend on an on-premise procurement system. It is preferred to access the software from anywhere to perform procurement operations on the go. Horizon eProcure is scalable, cost-effective and maintenance-free.

Supplier Self Service

The supplier self-service which is integrated with the procurement will authorize tracking order status, delivery schedule, payments and all relevant information. The module eliminates manual errors and enhances the supplier relationship.

To know further about Horizon eProcure, you can write to us at or ring us at +971 4 353 3727.


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